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  • Shireen Smith

What is Oil Pulling?

Coconut Oil Pulling

Like many of you, I had rarely heard of this seemingly 'new craze' - OIL PULLING... But when more and more people credited this ancient Ayurvedic technique for their pearly whites, the curious cat in me had to dig deeper and try it for myself.


1. There's history!

The technique of oil pulling has been around as long as our Moringa superfood tree.... That's thousands of years. Ancient Ayurvedic medicine refers to Moringa as 'Shigru' and Oil Pulling as 'Kaval'. Ayurveda has been preaching this style of toxin withdrawal for centuries. It's believed, oil pulling draws harmful toxins and bacteria out of the body, focusing on the epicentre of germs - the mouth!

Traditionally Oil Pulling was used to cure over 30 systemic diseases.

2. It's a much cheaper form of teeth whitening.

1 jar of Organic Coconut Oil 200g $9-14 (lasts 4-6months per person)

1 tube of whitening toothpaste $16 (lasts 4-6weeks)

Dental Whitening in Chair $200-$600

Although you'll still need to brush and floss your teeth guys and I highly recommend annual visits to the Dentist; By oil pulling first thing every morning, you'll have already done a lot of the plaque and stain removal in a more gentle way than abrasive brushing.

In my own experience, after only 1 week of oil pulling, I saw a noticeable difference in the whiteness of my teeth, I would say up to 3 shades whiter. As an avid whitening toothpaste purchaser for over a decade (I won't name and shame), I have never seen my teeth brighter. There's an added benefit here, as most whitening toothpastes, overnight mouth guards, gels, whitening strips and dentists use enamel stripping agents to remove stains to achieve several shades lighter; they often cause tooth sensitivity, while coconut oil not only whitens, it's strengthens teeth.

3. It's great for Gum Health & Breath.

I found Oil pulling and gum health directly related. I have my whole family doing it. My 16 year old son recently got his braces off, but had slight swelling around his gums. The Orthodontist said it's normal and it should eventually subside. The redness and inflamed gums hadn't really improved over the last few months, but after only 4 days of oil pulling, all signs of gum inflammation were gone.

Deep cleaning the oral cavity and pulling out bacteria from hidden places and hard to reach crevices = healthy gums and good breath.

4. Achieve an Overall Sense of Wellbeing.

With Oil Pulling's detoxification action in the mouth, it takes a load off the immune system so your body can get on with the day, functioning optimally instead of being sluggish dealing with toxins that cause cell oxidation. Ultimately this form of detoxifying leaves you feeling energised.

But remember, depending on your health to begin with, indicates what kind of detox symptoms you may encounter. These can range from headaches to nausea. See your health care professional, if you are concerned.

4. It can help to Clear the Skin.

By reducing toxins travelling through the body that sometimes try to escape through the pores in the form of spots and pimples, the skin is left looking radiant and clear.

5. Prevents Sickness.

Studies have shown oil pulling efficacy in reducing the common Streptococcus bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to sore throats, swollen glands, laryngitis and tonsillitis. These common ailments usually have a huge impact on life, work and overall wellbeing. Don't just take my word for it read some of the thousands of studies, starting with the two below.

You can use coconut, sesame or olive oil. I prefer coconut, because I love coconuts and it is also a good source of vitamin E and lauric acid (a saturated fat with many health benefits) and possesses natural anti-viral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. I mean, what's not to love!!!

Right, well how to do it?


1. First thing as you wake, before you drink water, talk, swallow or brush... Gently swish 1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon of coconut or sesame or olive oil in your mouth and between your teeth for 10-20 minutes.

Do not swallow any oil, as it contains the toxins. Saliva will join the oil and you'll end up with more substance in your mouth.

2. Spit out the oil in the rubbish (or a bag). Do not spit in the sink as it WILL clog your pipes.

Follow immediately by rinsing your mouth out with warm water and brush your teeth as normal.

That's it!!!! Enjoy and you are welcome. Love S xx

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