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O u r  T e s t i m o n i a l s


"To be honest I have never been a huge consumer of 'superfoods' as I've tried my fair share of them without noticing any real results.....enter Moringa! I admit I have actually become addicted to it - and my smoothies HAVE to have it in them or they just don't taste right!

My skin is clearer when I take it and I feel healthier inside. Also the thing I like about taking Moringa is you don't have to take anything else as it contains so much....more antioxidants than acai, more iron than spinach, more calcium, fibre and zinc than spirilina, more calcium and iron than Kale, just to name a few!"

Cherida, Adelaide.

"Moringa has to be one of superfoods best kept secrets...but I have no doubt this secret will be out soon enough!"
I first came across Moringa Tea in Atlanta, America. I was looking for a nice tea for myself and my niece to drink. 
I am forever grateful for picking up that box of Moringa Tea. It has such a calming effect and just makes my whole body feel awesome. 
Upon returning to Australia, I found it was very difficult to find this tea and searched high & low, until I came across The Healthful Hub's Moringa Tea. 
I now drink it every day and absolutely love it's calming effect and the overall wellness Moringa adds to my life.
Elise, WA

"I am a big fan of powerful greens and plants but it wasn't really until I came across Moringa from the Healthful Hub and discovered just how powerful this plant is and how great it tasted in a tea that I knew I had come across something special.

I started using Moringa lemon grass tea daily and adding the Moringa superfood powder into my smoothies and there were some obvious signs. My skin was clear, I had more energy and my digestion system seems to ease.

I love a product that not only tastes great but has significant health benefits and Moringa serves both purposes. Its an easy way to ensure you are doing good things for your body everyday."

Keri, Bondi

"I have included The Healthful Hub's Moringa teas and Superfood powder into my family's diet for over a year.

Knowing that Moringa is such a rich source of vitamins and minerals makes it impossible to live without it! It tastes great and is so easy to incoporate. I love it!

Deborah, Tamarama

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