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  • Faith Niebling

"Super" for mind, body and soul

Yet another superfood. Why haven't I heard of Moringa?

“Eat your fruits and vegetables”, such a common phrase that we have all grown up hearing. I used to think that living by this mantra was enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, as of recently this does not seem to be enough. Why? Well sadly many of the mass produced fruits and veges we are eating have lower nutrients than you would expect.

I decided to see what all the benefits of these so-called superfoods really are. When I first learned about superfoods I discovered they possess above average nutrients and claim to have great health benefits for the mind and body.

It makes sense, with the growing wellness craze more and more people are trying to lead even healthier lifestyles and look for new ways of treating their bodies as a temple.

Now, don’t get me wrong fruits and vegetables are still great for your health, but now there are specific “superfoods” that we should to pay attention to for ultimate nutrition and to supplement what's missing from our daily diets.

Some of the top trending superfoods today include:


• Watercress, which is similar to kale but is higher in vitamin C than citrus fruits and has more iron than spinach.


• Kombucha, a naturally carbonated beverage that is full of antioxidants and probiotics and can increase weight loss and energy and even improves digestion.

Matcha tea

• Matcha green tea, contains many antioxidants and can reduce bloating, aid in weight loss and increase metabolism.

The final superfood I discovered in my search was,

Moringa Oleifera

• Moringa oleifera, which is the world’s most nutritious tree and has actually been around for thousands of years, dating back to

Ayurvedic medicine. It comes in a powder and tea leaves, and contains all essential amino acids, 46 various antioxidants and has natural anti-inflammatory powers, great for increasing overall health and wellness. This versatile green powder can be consumed as a tea or mixed in a smoothie.

After my research into these trending superfoods I am definitely going to introduce these and many more superfoods into my diet ASAP! It’s a trend that will continue to grow, so don't forget to "eat your fruits, vegetables and superfoods".

Moringa Superfood
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