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  • Shireen Collett-Smith

Shipping with Sustainability

How we lower our Carbon Footprint

Here at The Healthful Hub we are proud users of the company Sendle for our shipping purposes. The first 100% Carbon Neutral delivery service, and Australia's first certified technology B Corporation. A Standards Advisory Board, comprised of experts in business and academia, ensure that B Corp companies meet strict standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency to become B Corp certified. B Corporations support a vision for all businesses to create a positive impact on the world.

Sendles value and mission align with what we believe and promote at The Healthful Hub. Not only are they a reliable and efficient delivery service, they do so without creating a large carbon footprint that can harm and pollute the planet. With our use of sustainable and ethical farming of our miracle tree Moringa coupled with Sendles carbon neutral delivery service, buying from us is healthy for yourself as well as the planet.

Sendle & Sustainability

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