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  • Faith Niebling

RAW Vegan Moringa Bliss Balls

Paleo | Dairy Free | Gluten Free | Sugar Free | Vegan | Raw |

The dreaded sweet tooth, many are plagued by this phenomenon, myself being one of them. I can only describe this feeling as an overwhelming desire to consume something sweet and sugary at least once a day. Most days I find myself longing for this indulgence after a meal or late at night when I am bored in front of the TV. I usually try and fail to ignore my sugar craving and end up eating a package of cookies or a pint of ice cream. After, when I realize the amount of sugars, trans fats and calories I have consumed I immediately regret my decision to cave into my sweet tooth. This feeling of guilt made me want to find a quick, easy, and healthy cure to this occurrence, enter Moringa Bliss Balls!

These easy to make, sugar free treats are an amazing alternative for any dessert loving, health conscious person. The ingredients are all natural and organic, however you would never know it by the taste of them. Moringa Bliss Balls are sweet, moist, and delicious. This is what you’ll need to make 12 medium-sized Moringa Bliss Balls.

Vegan Moringa Bliss Balls


6 Medjool Dates

3 tbsp Sultanas

2 tbsp Organic cold-pressed

coconut oil

1 tbsp ABC spread

1 tbsp Cacao nibs

½ tbsp Cacao powder

1 tbsp Moringa Powder

1 tbsp Molasses

4 tbsp of Linseed meal

2 tbsp Protein powder (OPTIONAL)


- Add all ingredients into a mixer, something like a nutribullet

- Mix until everything is well combined and moist

- Tip all ingredients into a mixing bowl

- Add about 1 tbsp. of Linseed Meal or more until the texture is right to roll out a ball

- Continue rolling out the balls until all of the mixture is used

- Keep balls clean or roll them in layer of chia seeds, shredded coconut or Moringa for an extra flare!

When you’ve finished forming the balls you can either eat them immediately or put them into a Tupperware container and set in the refrigerator for the balls to get firmer and to enjoy later. The great thing about the Moringa Bliss Balls recipe is the measurement of the ingredients is very open to interpretation. After using the measurements I have listed the first time you make this recipe, you can eye ball the amount of each ingredient you add to the mixture the next times you make them. This recipe will only take you about ten minutes to make, so if your tight on time or impatient when it comes to making food, this recipe is perfect for you!

Next time your sitting on the couch craving a candy bar, make yourself some Moringa Bliss Balls instead! They are full of natural fats and raw ingredients that are healthy and great for your body. Eating one will leave you feeling satisfied and guilt free, you will never go back to the nights of binge eating cookies and ice cream again!

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